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Cyprus is an island in
the Mediterranean Sea,
south of Turkey. After
Sicily and Sardinia,
Cyprus is the third
largest island in the
Mediterranean Sea.
Although the island is
geographically in Asia it
is politically a European
country and is a member
of the European Union.

Cyprus gained its
independence from the
United Kingdom in
1960. Despite a
constitution which
guaranteed a degree of
power-sharing between
the Greek Cypriot
majority and the Turkish
Cypriot minority, the
two populations – with
backing from the
governments of Greece
and Turkey, respectively
clashed in 1974, with
the end result being the
occupation of the
northern and eastern
40% of the island by
Turkey. In 1983, the
Turkish-held area
declared itself the
"Turkish Republic of
Northern Cyprus". So
far, only Turkey
recognizes the TRNC,
while all other
governments and the
United Nations recognize
only the government of
the Republic of Cyprus
over the whole island.

The UN operates a
peacekeeping force and a
narrow buffer zone
between the two Cypriot
ethnic groups.
Fortunately, open
hostilities have been
absent for some time, as
the two sides (now with
the growing involvement
of the European Union)
gradually inch towards a
reunification of some